WHMCS v7.8.3 – Web Hosting Billing and Automation Platform

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful automation & support tool. To find out more, click here

Free Download WHMCS v7.8.3 – Web Hosting Billing and Automation Platform Nulled. This is the latest version which was last updated on October 16, 2019 on Codecanyon. Download WHMCS 7.8.3 Nulled.

Name Short Description Author Date Version
WHMCS Web Hosting Billing and Automation Platform whmcs.com October 16, 2019 7.8.3

☝️ WHMCS 7.8.3 Changelog

  • Maintenance
  • CORE-7197 (#4467) - Allow remote bank account payments to be captured via cron
  • CORE-13180 - Prevent erroneous failure message on no records are changed when using Bulk Pricing Updater
  • CORE-13270 - Correct date grouping for Affiliate Hits report
  • CORE-13335 - Utilize best symbols for password generation respective of Plesk provisioning
  • CORE-13364 - Improve report queries for MySQL v8 date syntax
  • CORE-13377 - Ensure tax is applied to billable items when set to "Add to users next invoice"
  • CORE-13474 - Improve handling of WHOIS server response timeout
  • CORE-13491 - Utilize Bootstrap datepicker over jQuery UI for Automation status
  • CORE-13512 - Ensure hidden config options honored when recalcuating via UpdateClientProduct
  • CORE-13546 - Ensure promo code with defined billing cycle is applied to product addons
  • Also known as: CORE-13604
  • CORE-13547 - Correct CentovaCast hostname configuration
  • CORE-13555 - Correct spelling for Araba/Álava
  • CORE-13558 - Delete all translations of Email Templates on deletion of template
  • CORE-13584 - Prevent duplicate attachments when invoking AddTicketNote during TicketOpen hook
  • CORE-13609 - Ensure periodic Activity Log pruning occurs
  • CORE-13717 - Ensure cPanel Product Name is checked for username in Sync
  • CORE-13718 - Improve email verification post-login
  • CORE-13721 - Prevent fatal when attempting to load former password reset path
  • CORE-13724 - Ensure Overage Billing is enabled before processing
  • CORE-13725 - Ensure correct language strings used in Tax Rules UI
  • CORE-13728 - Correct CC Recipients form for client area
  • CORE-13730 - Correct captcha display logic for new Password Reset template
  • CORE-13732 - Ensure remote bank account gateways can be captured
  • Also known as: MODULE-7126
  • CORE-13733 - Improving handling for token gateways' post-auth workflow respective to payment by credit
  • Also known as: MODULE-7117
  • CORE-13734 - Inspect encrypted card data for bogus values prior to migration
  • CORE-13735 - Allow deleting of remote paymethod local reference when remote delete fails
  • CORE-13738 - Ensure hidden on order form Product Addons are available for purchase after order
  • CORE-13739 - Improve browser compatibility of input type for CVV field
  • CORE-13749 - Ensure mailbox is not empty before invoking POP search functionality
  • CORE-13751 - Correct display of IP in Client Activity widget
  • CORE-13753 - Ensure PayMethod is associated with invoice on Invoice Email Send
  • CORE-13759 - Correct invoice calculation for due amounts with multiple payments
  • Project Management Addon
  • PMA-90 - Provide option to Apply Tax on invoices from Billing Timers
  • Also known as: PMA-93
  • PMA-102 - Correct Week and Weeks language strings
  • Also known as: ADDON-6009
  • PMA-105 - Improve queries to avoid mismatch collation issues
  • Also known as: ADDON-6012
  • PMA-110 - Allow task list to be sorted
  • Also known as: ADDON-5958
  • PMA-111 - Show uploaded date of PMA attachments in client area
  • PMA-116 - Provide more accurate description of timer durations
  • PMA-129 - Ensure Import Tasks button is enabled/disabled appropriately
  • PMA-130 - Remove support for custom status color of PMA projects
  • PMA-134 - Ensure project log updated when adding timer entry
  • PMA-140 - Correct entity rendering on add new task
  • Also known as: ADDON-6029
  • PMA-146 - Improve view of Due Date editing on Project Management Details
  • PMA-147 - Add dates to Project Management Project Time Logs report
  • PMA-150 - Implement ability to delete task templates
  • Modules
  • MODULE-7110 - Ensure client area Add PayMethod ignores hidden gateways
  • MODULE-7111 - Prevent error when updating pay method for eWay Tokens in admin area
  • MODULE-7113 - Correct input validation for Accpet.js
  • MODULE-7114 - Ensure Payment Intent Description is passed to Stripe
  • MODULE-7122 - Prevent cron fatal error when processing Stripe with missing data
  • API
  • CORE-13451 - Prevent double invocation of ClientAdd hook when runing AddClient via local API
  • CORE-13744 - Ensure GetPayMethods returns all pay method types

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