Support Board v3.0.7 – Chat PHP WordPress Plugin

Support Board is a PHP plugin that helps you automate your customers’ communication with artificial intelligence-driven bots and a chat system integrated with the most-used platforms. Save time and use the software you already know and love. Communicate with your customers directly in Slack. Connect Dialogflow and use rich messages on the fly.

Free Download Support Board v3.0.7 – Chat PHP Wordpress Plugin Nulled. This is the latest version which was last updated on July 25, 2020 on Codecanyon. Download Support Board 3.0.7 Nulled.

πŸ₯‡ Everything You Need To Know About Support Board 3.0.7

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☝️ Support Board 3.0.7 Changelog

  • Security: Removed SVG extension from the accepted upload extentions list for security reasons.
  • Security: Fixed minor cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability related to the registration fields.
  • Bug: Fixed double ENTER press key bug when sending the first message.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug related to the ‘New translation’ button of the admin settings area.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that was blocking the display of the images uploaded in the admin settings area if the file name had spaces.
  • Bug: Added default placeholder to the email input of the follow-up message.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug related to the red notifications counter of the new conversations.
  • Bug: Fixed minor bugs related to the privacy message and welcome message.
  • Bug: Fixed minor bugs related to registration process.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug related to a MySQL error on the Users area.
  • Optimization: Rich messages’ success message is now optional.
  • Optimization: RTL setting moved in the ‘Design’ tab.
  • Optimization: Removed users area, edit profile option, docs link, plugin version, updates area from the admin area if the logged-in agent is not an admin.
  • Optimization: Improved admin UI.
  • Optimization: Updated response of the JS API event: SBConversationOpen.
  • New feature: New setting ‘Visitor name prefix’.
  • New feature: New Rich Message type: chips.
  • New feature: New paramters ‘onSuccess’ for the JS API function ‘SBChat.populateConversations()’.
  • New feature: New JS API events for the Tickets App ‘SBTicketsInit’ and ‘SBPanelActive’.
  • New feature: New JS API Functions area ‘Tickets functions’.
  • New feature: New JS API method ‘SBF.getLocationTimeString()’.
  • New feature: New JS API method ‘SBChat.submit()’.
  • New feature: New JS API method ‘SBChat.getDepartmentCode()’.
  • New feature: New PHP API function ‘sb_save_settingss()’.
  • New feature: New JS and WEB API function ‘sb-search-user-conversations’, new PHP API function ‘sb_search_user_conversations()’.
  • New feature: New JS API AJAX function: ‘get-agent’.
  • New feature: New WEB API Webhook: new-email-address. New JS API event: SBNewEmailAddress.

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