Foodomaa v1.9 – Multi-restaurant Food Ordering, Restaurant Management and Delivery Application

Foodomaa is a multi-restaurant food ordering and restaurant membership system. It provides an admin dashboard, restaurant management system, delivery system, and a full-fledge Progressive Web App.

Free Download Foodomaa v1.9 – Multi-restaurant Food Ordering, Restaurant Management and Delivery Application Nulled. This is the latest version which was last updated on May 15, 2020 on Codecanyon. Download Foodomaa 1.9 Nulled.

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FoodomaaMulti-restaurant Food Ordering, Restaurant Management and Delivery ApplicationstackcanyonMay 15, 20201.9

☝️ Foodomaa 1.9 Changelog

  • 1. Changed the whole system to Multi-Store System.
  • 2. Restaurants have been changed to Stores. Restaurant Owner has been changed to Store Owners.
  • 3. Changed Dashboard and Customer Application URLs to use “store” rather than “restaurants”
  • 4. Closed restaurants will now be visible on the Homepage with a custom message that can be set by Admin.
  • 5. Server validation of un-available cart items added on the Cart Page.
  • 6. Added functionality to check if the items which are disabled are present in the cart before checkout.
  • 7. Coupon Code calculation is now made on the Item total rather than the Sub-Total in the total bill.
  • 8. Restaurant Owner’s NEW Dashboard functionality. They will get a popup with when a new order arrives.
  • 9. Continuous alert sound for Restaurant Owner until an action is taken.
  • 10. Alerts sound can be customized by Admin. (Admin > Settings > Store Dashboard > New Order Fetch Rate)
  • 11. New Order Refresh rate can be set by Admin. (Admin > Settings > Store Dashboard > Notification Tone)
  • 12. Removed obsolete MapBox CSS scripts.
  • 13. Fixed delivery guy on-going order issue when the order is canceled.
  • 14. Added option in Admin to expand/collapse all Item Menus in the Item’s listing page (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Expand All Items Menu)
  • 15. Fixed OrderStatuses width issue on Customer’s Order Tracking Page.
  • 16. Added Searchable select options in Currency, Timezone, and all places with long dropdown lists, etc.
  • 17. Added SessionToken for each request on Google Places API. (Now this should save your money in Google APIs)
  • 18. Refactored all the functions in Admin and Restaurant pages. 200% speed improvements in querying for orders, items, restaurants, addons from the Admin/Restaurant Dashboard.
  • 19. 4 times faster search on the explore page in the Customer Application.
  • 20. The Delivery Guy’s commission rate is set to 0 by default. This fixed “commission_rate cannot be null” issue while saving the delivery guy.
  • 21. The restaurant’s owner commission rate is set to 0 by default. This fixed calculations issues.
  • 22. Restaurants Minimum Order Value is now set to 0 by default.
  • 23. Flat/Apartment Address can now be made Not-Mandatory (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Flat/Apartment Mandatory in Address)
  • 24. Order IDs are now trimmed down to the last eight characters while showing it on the Header of Delivery Application and on the Customer Application.
  • 25. Fixed item image sizes issue while uploading from Restaurant Dashboard and Bulk CSV Upload
  • 26. Added Item’s description and is_veg field to the Bulk Upload CSV files
  • 27. Fixed Logos caching issue in the Homepage (Desktop view)
  • 28. Dynamic Delivery Changes can now be rounded up to the nearest greater value. (5.45 becomes 6) (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Round up Dynamic Delivery Charge)
  • 29. Force Clear Cache will now not force users to go back to the Homepage. They can continue the application from their current page.
  • 30. Added options to Edit the Menu Categories.
  • 31. Added option to View all the Addons of an Addon Category.
  • 32. Addons can now be disabled.
  • 33. Added edit options in Delivery Guy And Store Owner pages as well.
  • 34. Admin can now directly login to any Restaurant Owner’s dashboard without their account credentials. (Admin > Users > Store Owners > Login Button with Arrow)
  • 35. Added top 10 items reports (Admin > Modules > Reports)
  • 36. Added option to show/hide addons for Delivery Application (Admin > Settings > Delivery Application > Show Order Addons)
  • 37. Added option to show/hide full address on the Delivery Application Order lists (Admin > Settings > Delivery Application > Show full address on Order List)
  • 38. Added option to show/hide Customer’s address before the order has been accepted in the Delivery Application (Admin > Settings > Delivery Application > Show Customer Address)
  • 39. The Customer’s phone number is shown now on the delivery application also after the order has been accepted. (Previously this was only after the order is picked up)
  • 40. Fixed Accept Delivery errors (Infinite loading error) in the Delivery Application
  • 41. Max number of on-going Deliveries can now be assigned to each Delivery Guys (Admin > Users > Delivery Guys > Edit > Max Orders in Queue)
  • 42. Added new MSG91 SMS Gateway integration
  • 43. SMS alert for New Order Notification for Restaurant Owners
  • 44. SMS alert for New Order Notification for Delivery Guys.
  • 45. Added is_notifiable in Restaurants and Delivery Guys. (Only when set, they will get SMS notifications)
  • 46. Refactored the full password reset email architecture using SendGrid new policies and APIs. Follow the Documentation Below.
  • 47. Added option for Auto Accepting Orders for Restaurants (Admin > Stores > Edit > Auto Accept Order)
  • 48. Added option to assign and change/reassign delivery guys by Admin (Admin > Orders > View Order)
  • 49. Added option to accept the restaurant’s order by Admin (Admin > Orders > View Order)
  • 50. Added Login/Registration pages meta title in Customer Application
  • 51. On the Restaurants Categories Slider Items Page, clicking on the logo will redirect back to the Homepage.
  • 52. Added SMS OTP error validation on the Registration page in Customer Application
  • 53. Fixed data types for addresses in the database tables
  • 54. MultiRoles removed while editing users
  • 55. Super Admin role cannot be changed now
  • 56. Added delivery pin on SuperAdmin Account.
  • 57. Restaurant Owner Translations Added (/resources/lang/en/storeDashboard.php)
  • 58. Added delivery login error messages
  • 59. Added CLP and NPR in currencies list in Admin.
  • 60. Added message on the Delivery Application page when open from desktop/laptop view.
  • 61. Fixed Admin/Restaurant login bug.
  • 62. Once the “Use App Now” button is clicked on the desktop/laptop view, the virtual-phone-screen will be kept in the usable mode for that session.
  • 63. Push notification token will be fetched every five days rather than fetching and saving every time homepage reloads.
  • 64. When all menu closed, menu category scrolling fixed. (Clicking on menu will expand all menus)
  • 65. Fixed layout for Alerts Page
  • 66. Fixed serialization of closer error while saving a restaurant from restaurant owner
  • 67. If the restaurant URL is invalid (404), the user is now redirected to the Homepage on the mobile view.
  • 68. Changed loading/processing spinner in Delivery Application when accepting/pickup/complete order.
  • 69. Added Restaurant automatic scheduling (opening/closing) System. (Admin > Stores > Edit > Automatic Scheduling > Save || Then Fill the Scheduling Times)
  • Follow the Store Scheduling Documentation
  • 70. New animations added to the location selection page.
  • 71. The location pointer re-calibrate to fit in the exact point according to Google Maps.
  • 72. Fixed Address Tags issues for smaller phones (iPhone 5/SE etc)
  • 73. Fixed logo/splash screen image format. (Logo will always be PNG and SplashScreen always in JPG format)
  • 74. Added settings in Admin to control the Upload image quality for Items (Admin > Settings > General > Upload Image Quality). All uploaded item images will be encoded to JPG file reduce sizes.

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