FleetCart v2.0.0 – Laravel Ecommerce System – nulled

FleetCart is a complete E-Commerce system to easily start your online E-Commerce business. It has a powerful admin panel for managing products, categories, coupons, orders, pages, and much more. FleetCart is extremely optimized for giving customers the best purchasing experience.

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πŸ₯‡ Everything You Need To Know About FleetCart 2.0.0

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☝️ FleetCart 2.0.0 Changelog

  • Add new modern looking storefront theme.
  • Add new theme colors.
  • Add ajax based seamless user interactions for the storefront.
  • Add newsletter subscription.
  • Add product brands.
  • Add Flash Sale.
  • Add product tags.
  • Add tag products page.
  • Add all brands page.
  • Add brand products page.
  • Add all categories page.
  • Add new PayPal checkout.
  • Add Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and 3D Secure integration for Stripe.
  • Add live price update on the product page.
  • Add the option to add images, videos, and audios in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Add the option for customers to add order note.
  • Add the ability to add a background image in the mega menu.
  • Add primary menu in the mobile sidebar menu.
  • Add advanced search suggestions.
  • Add category breadcrumb on the product page.
  • Add the option to change per page result in the product search page.
  • Add a coupon remove option from the cart.
  • Add coupon apply option on the checkout page.
  • Add a new custom checkbox type for options.
  • Add a new custom radio button type for options.
  • Add category banner in the category products page.
  • Add the ability to logged-in admin users to visit the storefront in maintenance mode.
  • Add Rich Snippets.
  • Add meta tags for twitter card.
  • Add fallback data for meta tags.
  • Add SEO friendly URL for category products page.
  • Add a fade control option for sliders.
  • Add a speed control option for sliders.
  • Add direction option for slider slides.
  • Add related products on the compare page.
  • Add a captcha on the registration page.
  • Add map on the contact page.
  • Add a banner on the product page.
  • Add a rating in the product card.
  • Add accepted payment methods image in the footer.
  • Add icons for empty messages in the storefront.
  • Changed:
  • Show an error if the coupon is already applied to the cart.
  • Make coupon case sensitive.
  • Inline zoom for product images.
  • Disable zoom in the mobile view.
  • Removed:
  • Remove product quick view.
  • Remove the Caption 2 field from slides.
  • Fixed:
  • Fix external URL is generating a localized URL for menus.
  • Fix translation for the maintenance page is not working.
  • Fix responsive issues for admin tables in the mobile view.
  • Fix alphabetic sort is giving unexpected results.
  • Fix top rated sort is giving unexpected results.
  • Fix mega menu cache is not cleared when the category tree is reordered.
  • Fix percent type special price occasionally throws out of range SQL error.
  • Fix file is not deleted from the disk when a media is deleted.
  • Updated:
  • Update PHP packages.
  • Update the Laravel version to 7.9.2.
  • Update the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor.
  • Optimization:
  • Optimize overall system performance.

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