BeMusic v2.4.8 – Music Streaming Engine

BeMusic is a multi-purpose music sharing and streaming platform. It can be used to create many different types of music related sites, including sites similar to soundcloud, mixcloud, spotify and more.

Free Download BeMusic v2.4.8 – Music Streaming Engine Nulled. This is the latest version which was last updated on October 9, 2020 on Codecanyon. Download BeMusic 2.4.8 Nulled.

πŸ₯‡ Everything You Need To Know About BeMusic 2.4.8

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☝️ BeMusic 2.4.8 Changelog

  • Enhancements:
  • Lyrics can now be automatically extracted from uploaded music metadata.
  • Added “tracks.embed” permission to control whether user can embed track or albums on their own site.
  • Added “” permission so user can be allowed to view tracks on the site, but not play them.
  • Mobile controls will now have “account” item by default that will open same dropdown as on desktop. “Account” item in menu manager should be removed to avoid duplicates.
  • Track list will now queue the whole list in the player the same way as track table.
  • Improved edit artist, album and track pages layout on mobile.
  • New tracks will now be added to start of playlist instead of the end.
  • Hide download button and disable right click menu when viewing local video in full screen mode.
  • Reposting can now be enabled in both “artist” and “user” modes.
  • Scrollbar in dark mode in firefox will now match site color better.
  • Updated data tables across the site and images used when there’s nothing to display in the table.
  • Navbar can now be hidden for custom page.
  • Role index page will now list users by date user was assigned to role.
  • Waveform can now be shown on track page in “artist” mode if track was uploaded locally.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Removing queue item when in fullscreen queue mode will now correctly update the queue.
  • Fixed an issue where track list was not sortable sometimes.
  • Filter within liked tracks page will now work for artist name properly.
  • Track/album/artist images and music files will now be properly removed when deleting those records from admin area.
  • Fixed an issue where setting channel other then “discover” as homepage would not work sometimes.
  • Files will now upload to correct folder when chunked uploading is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where it would not scroll to top sometimes when navigating between pages.
  • Notifications will now have absolute url instead of relative one.
  • A number of other smaller fixes.

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